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Diversity Elite 2008: 46-60

Aug. 27, 2008
The Hispanic Business Diversity Elite 2008: 46-60

The Diversity Elite 60, our list of the companies nationwide that are the most successful at embedding diversity into their corporate culture, has arrived! Read about those who finished in spots 46-60.

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46. Schering-Plough Corp.
Kenilworth, NJ
2007 Revenues: $4,600.0
2007 Employees: 16,865
Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Diversity Statement: We strive every day to create an inclusive workplace in which diverse perspectives are respected, creating a ground for innovation, growth, and high performance that gives us a competitive edge.

47. Kellogg Co.
Battle Creek, MI
2007 Revenues: $12,000.0
2007 Employees: 32,000
Industry: Food Manufacturing
Diversity Statement: Greater accountability for diversity and inclusion not only strengthens our organization but enables us to better serve our communities, customers and consumers.

48. Morgan Stanley
New York, NY
2007 Revenues: $87,879.0
2007 Employees: 45,212
Industry: Financial
Diversity Statement: Diversity is an opportunity for our clients, our people, and our firm. By valuing diverse perspectives we can serve our clients better, while we help our employees achieve their professional objectives.

49. Bausch & Lomb Inc.
Rochester, NY
2007 Revenues: $2,000.0
2007 Employees: 14,000
Industry: Medical Supplies & Devices
Diversity Statement: To maintain a competitive edge, we need a workforce that reflects the diversity of the global market. Our Supplier Diversity Development Program identifies diverse suppliers to expand our ability to exceed customers' expectations.

50. State Farm Insurance
Bloomington, IL
2007 Revenues: $61,600.0
2007 Employees: 67,000
Industry: Insurance
Diversity Statement: When we think about diversity and inclusion, we think of it holistically in terms of the workplace, marketplace, community and supplier diversity. At State Farm, diversity is a state of mind.

51. Pepco Holdings, Inc.
Washington, DC
2007 Revenues: $9,400.0
2007 Employees: 5,095
Industry: Energy & Utilities
Diversity Statement: We recognize that in today's diverse marketplace, a diverse work environment that fuels innovation will contribute to our success. Our goal is to create an environment where everyone feels accepted and valued.

52. United States Postal Service
Washington, DC
2007 Revenues: $75,000.0
2007 Employees: 685,000
Industry: Government-Transportation Services
Diversity Statement: We are committed to fostering a business culture that provides an inclusive work environment where employees' backgrounds, education, perspectives, talents, and skills provide excellent customer services to diverse markets.

53. U.S. Bank
Minneapolis, MN
2007 Revenues: $13,936.00
2007 Employees: 54,000
Industry: Financial
Diversity Statement: In addition to promoting awareness for our diverse workforce, our association with organizations such as INROADS, provides added value to our diversity initiatives, which includes offering leadership opportunities to minority students.

54. FedEx Express
Memphis, TN
2007 Revenues: $24,400.00
2007 Employees: 108,000
Industry: Professional Services
Diversity Statement: Our commitment to diversity is evident in our hiring, training and promotion practices; marketing initiatives; community outreach and charitable contributions; and in the business we do with minority-led firms.

55. KPMG
New York, NY
2007 Revenues: $5,357.00
2007 Employees: 23,000
Industry: Professional Services
Diversity Statement: By bringing together the individual ideas, skills, and leading practices from our six national diversity networks, the Diversity Advisory Board serves as a center of excellence that benefits all people.

56. Staples
Framingham, MA
2007 Revenues: $19,400.0
2007 Employees: 76,000
Industry: Retail
Diversity Statement: Staples believes the diversity of people, experiences and thought will enable us to become a more successful, global company.

57. Texas Instruments Inc.
Dallas, TX
2007 Revenues: $13,800.0
2007 Employees: 30,300
Industry: Electronics
Diversity Statement: An inclusive environment is essential to our competitive edge, where diversity thrives and every employee is fully engaged in TI's business success.

58. BNSF Railway Co.
Fort Worth, TX
2007 Revenues: $15,820.0
2007 Employees: 41,189
Industry: Transportation Services
Diversity Statement: BNSF is committed to identifying, attracting and developing long-term partnerships with minority, women-owned and small disadvantaged businesses. It is sponsoring the 2008 U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce national convention.

59. Southwest Airlines
Dallas, TX
2007 Revenues: $645.0
2007 Employees: 34,000
Industry: Airlines
Diversity Statement: Southwest Airlines shows appreciation for cultural and lifestyle differences within our diverse workforce through procurement efforts, recruitment, and the advancement of women and minorities.

60. HealthNet Inc.
Woodland Hills, CA
2007 Revenues: $14,107.0
2007 Employees: 9,000
Industry: Health Care
Diversity Statement: Health Net provides diverse programs that highlight our commitment to providing high quality primary care. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment where employees respect diversity.

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