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Diversity Elite 2008: 31-45

Aug. 27, 2008
The Hispanic Business Diversity Elite 2008: 31-45

The Diversity Elite 60, our list of the companies nationwide that are the most successful at embedding diversity into their corporate culture, has arrived! Read about those who finished in spots 31-45.

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31. MGM Mirage
Las Vegas, NV
2007 Revenues: $7,700.0
2007 Employees: 66,000
Industry: Leisure-Gambling Operations
Diversity Statement: MGM Mirage offers advanced training and development programs designed to recruit and promote Hispanic employees. It has established alliances with Hispanic organizations such as the National Council of La Raza.

32. American Airlines
Fort Worth, TX
2007 Revenues: $22,900.0
2007 Employees: 82,000
Industry: Airlines
Diversity Statement: Our dedication to diversity is far more than just a statement; it's woven into the fabric of our everyday business practices. We take a holistic approach to deliver what our Hispanic customers value.

33. Intel Corp.
Santa Clara, CA
2007 Revenues: $38,300.0
2007 Employees: 86,000
Industry: Electronics
Diversity Statement: The diversity of our employees is the ingredient for success that sets Intel apart. Our employees represent a variety of backgrounds and share the commitment to creating technology designed to make a difference.

34. Xerox Corp.
Stamford, CT
2007 Revenues: $17,200.0
2007 Employees: 57,400
Industry: Industrial Machine Manufacturing
Diversity Statement: At Xerox, we view diversity as a business imperative. We have one of the most diverse workforces from top to bottom and believe that diversity is critical to keeping us on the cutting edge.

35. Qwest Communications
Denver, CO
2007 Revenues: $13,700.0
2007 Employees: 36,600
Industry: Telecommunications
Diversity Statement: Qwest believes that diversity in ideas, backgrounds and perspectives allow us to better serve our customers, making us a stronger company.

36. Merrill Lynch & Co.
New York, NY
2007 Revenues: $11,250.0
2007 Employees: 63,100
Industry: Financial
Diversity Statement: Diversity is rooted in one of Merrill Lynch's five principles: respect for the individual. By providing an inclusive environment, Merrill Lynch ensures that employees maximize their professional potential while creating competitive advantage for our firm and its shareholders.

37. Ernst & Young
New York, NY
2007 Revenues: $7,561.0
2007 Employees: 25,975
Industry: Accounting Services
Diversity Statement: At Ernst & Young, we foster an inclusive work environment where all employees can achieve their full potential. We value our people for their differences and recognize them for their contributions to our success.

38. Union Bank of California
San Francisco, CA
2007 Revenues: $57,900.0
2007 Employees: 10,800
Industry: Financial
Diversity Statement: Union Bank of California's focus on Hispanics is fair play and good business. We find that helping Hispanics gain financial traction creates a growing market of mainstream and affluent clients.

39. Rohm and Haas Company
Philadelphia, PA
2007 Revenues: $8,900.0
2007 Employees: 16,500
Industry: Chemicals
Diversity Statement: At Rohm and Haas, managing diversity includes implementing responsible behaviors, managing the differences and similarities that include all relationships and ensuring an environment free of discrimination and harassment.

40. New York Life Insurance Company
New York, NY
2007 Revenues: $12,992.0
2007 Employees: 8,700
Industry: Insurance
Diversity Statement: New York Life's commitment to supplier diversity has never been stronger. We have demonstrated substantial increases in our spending and an increase in our number of diverse suppliers.

41. Allstate Insurance Corp.
Northbrook, IL
2007 Revenues: $36,800.0
2007 Employees: 36,495
Industry: Insurance
Diversity Statement: Employee network groups empower individuals to maximize their personal and professional growth through such avenues as career management, building leadership skills, networking and sharing best practices.

42. Comcast Corp.
Philadelphia, PA
2007 Revenues: $25,000.0
2007 Employees: 100,000
Industry: Entertainment Services
Diversity Statement: Comcast's commitment to diversity focuses on attracting and retaining a multicultural workforce, developing a diverse supplier group, investing in the community and offering a wide selection of multicultural programming.

43. CSX Corp.
Jacksonville, FL
2007 Revenues: $10,000.0
2007 Employees: 35,000
Industry: Transportation Services
Diversity Statement: Cost saving has taken a back seat and diversity has evolved as a top priority. Our conductor diversity has dramatically improved due to the in-source hiring process.

44. Sprint Nextel Corp.
Overland Park, KS
2007 Revenues: $40,000.0
2007 Employees: 56,019
Industry: Telecommunications
Diversity Statement: Sprint is committed to the growth of our inclusion and diversity initiatives. We have employee resource groups, diversity training, and cultural awareness celebrations to ensure that Sprint remains a world-class communications company.

45. Hewlett-Packard Co.
Palo Alto, CA
2007 Revenues: $104,286.0
2007 Employees: 156,000
Industry: Computer Manufacturer
Diversity Statement: At HP, we believe that diversity and inclusion are key drivers of creativity, innovation and invention. In the U.S., we have ongoing programs for the Hispanic consumer market.

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