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Diversity Elite 2008: 16-30

Aug. 27, 2008
The Hispanic Business Diversity Elite 2008: 16-30

The Diversity Elite 60, our list of the companies nationwide that are the most successful at embedding diversity into their corporate culture, has arrived! Read about those who finished in spots 16-30.

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16. Wells Fargo & Co.
San Francisco, CA
2007 Revenues: $39,390.0
2007 Employees: 158,000
Industry: Financial
Diversity Statements: Wells Fargo's commitment to diversity is evidenced in its Latino Business Services program, which has loaned more than $4.7 billion to thousands of Hispanic business owners.

17. McDonald's Corporation
Oak Park, IL
2007 Revenues: $22,787.0
2007 Employees: 103,928
Industry: Food and Beverages
Diversity Statement: The foundations of inclusion and opportunity are established by global policies. McDonald's Standards of Business Conduct commit us to providing equal opportunity for employees and applicants.

18. The Pepsi Bottling Group, LLC
Somers, NY
2007 Revenues: $13,600.0
2007 Employees: 70,000
Industry: Beverages
Diversity Statement: PBG thinks about diversity as a characteristic of our culture. To us, diversity means creating an inclusive environment where diversity is woven into our employment practices, community outreach and marketing plans.

19. HSBC-North America
Prospect Heights, IL
2007 Revenues: $10,514.0
2007 Employees: 35,000
Industry: Financial
Diversity Statement: By leveraging HSBC employees' talents, we recognize the contributions that each employee, supplier and customer bring to our success. The Employee Network Groups champion HSBC's diversity efforts by offering insight into diverse customer needs.

20. American Express Co.
New York, NY
2007 Revenues: $27,731.0
2007 Employees: 67,700
Industry: Financial
Diversity Statement: Our commitment to diversity starts at the top and is driven throughout the organization. The Global Diversity and Inclusion Council is underpinned by regional councils which carry out a global vision with local sensitivity.

21. Ryder System, Inc.
Miami, FL
2007 Revenues: $6,500.0
2007 Employees: 28,800
Industry: Automotive Rental and Leasing
Diversity Statement: Ryder is committed to programs that promote equal opportunity for our employees. We believe that respecting individual differences creates a competitive edge, drives fresh perspectives and increases work productivity.

22. Colgate-Palmolive Company
New York, NY
2007 Revenues: $13,800.0
2007 Employees: 36,000
Industry: Consumer Products
Diversity Statement: The diversity of Colgate is vital to finding new solutions to business challenges. We celebrate diversity because we know that it is these differences that are the foundations of our continued achievement.

23. Abbott Laboratories
Abbott Park, IL
2007 Revenues: $25,900.0
2007 Employees: 68,000
Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Diversity Statement: We value our diversity that of our products, technologies, markets and people and believe that diverse perspectives combined with shared goals inspire new ideas and better ways of addressing changing health needs.

24. Prudential Financial Inc.
Newark, NJ
2007 Revenues: $34,400.0
2007 Employees: 40,000
Industry: Insurance Carriers
Diversity Statement: At Prudential, diversity is a core business priority and an integral part of our strategy to understand the diverse needs of our customers and shareholders as we help them to grow and protect their wealth.

25. Chrysler LLC
Auburn Hills, MI
2007 Revenues: $49,000.0
2007 Employees: 71,578
Industry: Automotive
Diversity Statement: Chrysler LLC's Global Diversity Office fosters diversity by sponsoring and supporting diversity events, encouraging Work/Life programs and having zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment.

26. Citigroup, Inc.
New York, NY
2007 Revenues: $81,698.0
2007 Employees: 160,000
Industry: Financial
Diversity Statement: Citi's Employee Networks are employee-initiated and employee-led groups, focused on diversity segments that provide members with the opportunity to share experiences and build awareness of diverse cultures.

27. General Mills Inc.
Minneapolis, MN
2007 Revenues: $12,441.5
2007 Employees: 25,580
Industry: Food Manufacturing
Diversity Statement: General Mills has been a long-standing champion of minority suppliers. Supplier diversity at General Mills includes partnering with established minority-owned companies and developing relationships with new minority-owned companies.

28. Freddie Mac
McLean, VA
2007 Revenues: $43,100.0
2007 Employees: 5,300
Industry: Financial
Diversity Statement: Our commitment to diversity extends to our business partners. Under Freddie Mac's Supplier Diversity Program, we award more than $100 million in contract business annually to firms owned by women and minorities.

29. Ford Motor Co.
Dearborn, MI
2007 Revenues: $173,900.0
2007 Employees: 80,210
Industry: Automotive
Diversity Statement: We are committed to having our supply base reflect our customer base. Our Supplier Diversity Development Office facilitates opportunities for certified minority and women-owned businesses.

30. Sodexo, Inc.
Gaithersburg, MD
2007 Revenues: $7,900.0
2007 Employees: 120,000
Industry: Food
Diversity Statement: Sodexo, Inc. is a provider of integrated food and facilities management services. Our dedication to excellent service, corporate citizenship, and fighting hunger come from one goal, to make every day a better day.

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