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WOY: The Elite 20--Continued

March 31, 2008

Ellen Ochoa
Deputy Director of Johnson Space Center

Since joining NSA in 1990, Dr. Ochoa demonstrated impressive skills in research, organizational management, and astronautics. In 2007, she earned the position of deputy director.

Marta Brito Perez
Human Resources Vice President, North America, and Global Marketing for AstraZeneca

"If I was waiting for things to be perfect I wouldn't have had success. Get out of your comfort zone."

Alice Rodriguez

Vice-Chairwoman, Texas for JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Gloria Romero

Senator and Majority Leader in the State Senate of California

"Work hard, listen often and find the
right mentor. Get out of your comfort zone and take assignments that are difficult."

"At the end of the day, the only ways to
hold onto your integrity in this rough and tumble game of politics is to remember your roots, what your family taught you, and never forget where you came from."
Kay Sanchez
Vice President of Margin Planning and Forecasting for Macy's West

Christina Sarchio
Partner at the law firm of Howrey LLP

"Companies believe in the person delivering the job. Never think that you can't because you're a woman."

"As a woman, when I was starting out, people would be dismissive when I would walk into a court room. That gave me the will power to want to prove them wrong. I can do it, not only as good as the boys, but better."
Aileen Ugalde
Vice-President, General Counsel, and Secretary to the Board for the University of Miami

Nina Vaca
CEO and Founder of Pinnacle Technical Resources, Inc.

"Ask yourself, 'What would you do if
you could be guaranteed success?' Make the answer to that question your career goal."

"Great rewards require great sacrifice."

Lora Villarreal
Executive Vice-President and Chief People Officer for ACS

Linda Maria Wayner
Chief Legal Officer for the City of New York's Commission for the United Nations, Consular Corps, and Protocol

"Don't ever forget where you came from. Ever! Just because you've reached a point in your life, put down your hands and reach down and help the other person."

"Talent alone is meaningless without persistence, which means you can never stop planning, preparing, and developing new skills. It's up to us [Hispanic Women] to aggressively market our attributes until corporate America realizes we're not just a demographic; we're also a leadership base. "

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