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Media Report 2006: Top Advertisers in the Hispanic Market

December 2006, HISPANIC BUSINESS Magazine

Drawing a composite Hispanic consumer based on how money is spent in the marketplace suggests that advertisers see a chatty person who hopes to improve his English, and doesn't mind tipping a few back while enjoying a Big Mac.

That sums up a quick look at the Top 10 brands advertised on Hispanic media, where two wireless firms Verizon and Cingular dropped just shy of $100 million between them to reach Hispanics specifically in the 12 months ending in June, according to TNS Media Intelligence. The data covers money spent on Hispanic television both network and independents along with Hispanic newspapers and magazines. Not included is radio.

The top brand advertised was Ingles Sin Barreras, the teach-yourself-English-at-home video series. The folks behind those ads are Lexicon Marketing Corp., which is also the company spending the most on advertising on Hispanic media, according to TNS. Lexicon has long topped the advertising list with its ubiquitous spots on Spanish-language stations, although TNS data finds the $162 million Lexicon spent in the latest reporting period was down about $19 million from the previous period.

No. 2 on the list, consumer products giant Procter & Gamble, was roughly equivalent at $154 million (vs. $158 million the year earlier). While No. 3 for the last two years, Univision, scaled down its reported spending substantially, to $100 million compared to $136 million the period before. For the Top 50 total spending was down to $2.1 billion compared to the earlier period's $2.2 billion.

Advertisers in the Hispanic Market from July 2005 to June 2006
Company Spending (in thousands)
Lexicon Marketing 162,695
Procter & Gamble 154,278
Univision 99,880
General Motors 91,924
Sears 77,286
Johnson & Johnson 71,677
AT&T 71,244
McDonald's 68,655
Wal-Mart 58,515
Pepsico 54,921
Toyota Motor 53,917
Verizon 52,289
Hyundai 50,775
Walt Disney 50,240
Home Depot 49,327
SABMiller 47,161
Ford 43,883
Coca-Cola 42,739
Deutsche Telekom 39,868
DaimlerChrysler 39,733
Altria 32,803
L'Oreal 32,462
Anheuser-Busch 32,076
Allstate 31,820
U.S. Government 31,715
Unilever 30,619 27,773
Clorox 26,610
JC Penney 26,140
Venevision 25,696
Lowe's 25,002
Honda 23,925
DirecTV 23,154
Time Warner 22,392
VISA USA 22,132
Target 22,036
Grupo Televisa 21,949
Best Buy 21,845
Ventura Entertainment 20,932
Americatel 20,442
Bally Total Fitness 20,134
Kellogg 19,947
Echostar Communications 19,589
Sprint Nextel 19,011
General Electric 18,895
Cosmeticos Elicina 18,802
Mastercard 18,791
Petrone Group 18,663
Texas Pacific Group 18,192
Wendy's 18,079
Based on the following media: Hispanic TV, Hispanic magazine, Hispanic newspaper. Copyright 2006. TNS Media Intelligence

Advertised Brands in the Hispanic Market from July 2005 to June 2006
Brand Spending (in thousands)
Ingles Sin Barreras 162,303
Orgullo Hispano (public service announcements) 89,645
McDonald's 57,363
Verizon Wireless 49,819
Home Depot Home Center 48,520
Cingular Wireless 44,937
Miller Lite beer 43,886
Wal-Mart multiple products 40,846
Foundation/Better Life (PSA) 39,929
Paquete Desintoxicador drugs 38,916
T-Mobile Wireless 37,631
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (PSA) 34,091
Coca-Cola Classic 32,552
CRE-C drugs/toiletries 32,498 recordings 26,658
Allstate auto insurance 24,211
Pepsi soft drink 24,161
DirecTV satellite system 22,608
Lowe's building supplies 22,401
Mundo de Ingles 22,317
Best Buy 21,524
10-10-123 Long Distance 20,339
Bally Total Fitness Club 20,080
Dish Network satellite system 19,454
Hyundai autos Sonata 18,820
Elicina drugs/toiletries 18,802
Sears appliances 18,787
Hongosan drugs/toiletries 18,663
Sears sales announcement 18,587
Burger King restaurant 18,170
MasterCard 17,859
Wendy's 17,677
AIDS awareness (PSA) 16,617
Nexium Heartburn RX 16,390
Visa credit card 15,959
Target multiple products 15,844
American Cancer Society (PSA) 15,631
Dominos Pizza restaurant 14,971
Univision Movil text messaging 14,862
Budweiser beer 14,528
Toyota trucks Tundra 14,408
Ford autos Fusion 13,613
Bud Light beer 13,491
Radio Shack electronics 13,304
AIDS test (PSA) 13,030
Chevrolet trucks Silverado 12,734
Bank of America consumer services 12,711
Sprint PCS Wireless 12,569
Medirect 12,456
Emovil text messaging 12,246
Copyright 2006. TNS Media Intelligence

Source: HISPANIC BUSINESS Magazine and, Copyright (c) 2006 All Rights Reserved.

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