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Charro Weddings are Elegant and Traditional


--(HISPANIC PR WIRE - CONTEXTO LATINO)--Mexicans around the globe preserve their homeland's beautiful array of traditions with respect and admiration. One custom in particular is the "charreria", a deep-rooted tradition that arose with the Spanish settlers and has remained alive in charro families on all sides of the border.

In order to be a true charro, one has to follow a strict series of etiquette at family and social events. We cannot overstress the importance of an authentic charro outfit. It is the number one requirement for anyone wanting to look like a true charro.

One event where all the elements of the charreria tradition shine is a charro wedding. Here, a charro's elegance and splendor will truly stand out. Lately, it's become chic for brides and grooms to follow the footsteps of their favorite Mexican celebrity and marry the charro way. It's big in both Mexico and the United States among young and old alike. Couples want to pay tribute to their roots and don exclusive charro designs on that very important day.

That certain touch of exclusivity and elegance that a charro outfit offers the bride and groom is the main reason couples are choosing this particular style. They vow eternal love to each other and plan to create a home filled with values and mores, so what better way to start a family than by honoring this century-old tradition? Generations to come will cherish this special event through photographs and videos.

US customers can order charro wedding outfits through renowned Mexican company El Charro directly. El Charro, founded in 1961, is an expert in the confection and design of authentic charro outfits. Customers can buy their favorites by size or have their special outfit made to order.

There is a wide selection of styles and designs to choose from. Outfits range from $250.00 for a simple suit to $3,000 for an elegant attire with gold and silver beaded embroidery. Hats are valued at $80 to $1,500 according to design and materials.

For more information, visit or call toll-free 1-877-980-1248. A representative will be happy to assist you in English or Spanish.

Source: Hispanic PR Wire

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