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The Media Boom

December 2004, HISPANIC BUSINESS Magazine

Surging interest in the Hispanic economy is reshaping Hispanic media markets from print and radio to television and the Internet. Fueled by growing advertising dollars and investment, dozens of new players this year have begun ramping up competition across the country.

The nation's advertisers spent an estimated $3.1 billion to market their products in 2004 to the Hispanic community, up 45 percent in just the past four years. And all but three of Hispanic Business magazine's Top 25 Hispanic Advertising Agencies increased their billings, bringing the group's cumulative total to almost $1.9 billion.

Spanish-language publications are in full growth mode with several new competitors in races to build national or regional newspaper chains. In the radio market, Hispanic companies are maneuvering for position, bolstering strongholds, and sprinting to establish dominance in newly emerging mid-size markets. In TV, English-language and specialty networks are emerging to tap an increasingly acculturated consumer. And after years of sluggish growth, Internet advertising to Hispanics is expected to reach $75 million this year, up 67 percent from a year ago.

But challenges remain including the question of which language appeals to a new generation of consumer. And whether all of the new players can survive in a newly competitive environment.

Leading Hispanic Marketing Areas, 2004 (expenditures in millions)
DMA TV Radio Print Total
Los Angeles $307.25 $166.97 $89.31 $563.53
Miami- Ft. Lauderdale $116.81 $94.22 $57.15 $268.18
New York $99.33 $84.44 $49.86 $233.63
Houston $55.82 $56.28 $8.16 $120.26
Chicago $47.22 $43.76 $24.09 $115.07
San Francisco- Oakland-San Jose $42.10 $27.22 $4.99 $74.31
Dallas $33.77 $27.88 $7.54 $69.19
San Antonio $21.91 $31.13 $3.89 $56.93
Phoenix $26.92 $13.14 $16.01 $56.07
San Diego $27.20 $18.04 $4.89 $50.13
Total $778.33 $563.08 $265.89 $1,607.30

Total Hispanic Market Advertising Expenditures, 2004
Medium Gross Expenditures ($M)
Network/national TV $1,387.15
Local TV $602.77
National radio $191.23
Local radio $473.23
National newspapers $110.23
Local newspapers $161.89
Magazines $88.34
Out-of-home $76.31
Total $3,091.15


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