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CHC Supports Judicial Nominee Edward Prado

March 27, 2003

WASHINGTON D.C. - The Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) yesterday expressed its full support of Bush judicial nominee Judge Edward Prado for the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Judge Prado currently serves as district court judge on the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas.

In a letter supporting Judge Prado's nomination to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, the CHC cited his "honesty, integrity, character, temperament, and intellect." CHC members also took into consideration "his commitment to equal justice and advancement opportunities for Latinos working in the field of law" as key factors in their

"Judge Prado has a proven track record of fairness, broad understanding of the Hispanic community, and the impact that judicial rulings have on our community," said Congressman Ciro D. Rodriguez, CHC Chair. "He was open and communicative with the CHC and allowed members to gain a sense of his judicial temperament. Judge Prado not only has the judicial experience, but during our interview with him, it was obvious that he will bring a fresh, educated and historical perspective to his bench. He demonstrated the ability to see the bigger picture that the judicial system will continue to play in the Hispanic community, and we have confidence in Judge Prado's ability to bring a multifaceted view into his court."

Launched last year, the CHC Hispanic Judiciary Initiative aims to address diversity and understanding of the Hispanic community within the judiciary branch of government. The Initiative has a set of evaluation criteria that explores nominees' understanding of the historic role the judiciary has played in the lives of the minority community.

"Judge Prado has a clear understanding and appreciation for the Latino experience in America," said Congressman Charlie Gonzalez, CHC Hispanic Judiciary Initiative Chair and a former Texas state judge. "His personal experience coupled with his demonstrated commitment to advancing opportunities for Hispanics is commendable and indicative of the underrepresented perspective he will bring to the 5th Circuit Court. His demonstrated legal ability and the outstanding professional reputation he has developed in his local community make Judge Prado the kind of nominee who deserves confirmation by the Senate."

In order to receive endorsement by the CHC, nominees must be able to display that he or she has a demonstrated commitment to protecting the rights of Latinos through his or her professional work, pro bono work, and volunteer activities; to preserving and expanding the progress that has been made on civil rights and individual liberties; and to expanding advancement opportunities for Latinos in the law profession. Following a meeting with Judge Prado and review of his professional career, CHC members determined that Judge Prado satisfied each point of criteria.

The CHC urged a quick and efficient confirmation of Judge Prado by the Senate.

Source: CHC

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