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TLC Calls Opposition to Estrada A Slap in the Face

September 20, 2002

WASHINGTON (U.S. Newswire) The Board of Directors of The Latino Coalition (TLC) today condemned the Congressional Hispanic Caucus' decision to oppose the nomination of Miguel Estrada to serve in the DC Circuit Court of Appeals.

"Today is a sad day in Hispanic America. Our Latino political leaders have decided to put partisan politics over the benefit of our community simply to satisfy the needs of their party bosses," said TLC President Robert Deposada. "Sacrificing the nomination of the first Latino to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, just to lend credibility to an obviously partisan lynching of an extremely well qualified and decent Latino, like Miguel Estrada, is an act of betrayal and corruption to millions of Latinos across this country."

"It's so sad that the only Latinos opposing Estrada's nomination are those who are controlled by partisan bosses who are looking to score political points at the expense of our community," Deposada added. "Not a single Hispanic organization has opposed Mr. Estrada's nomination. So what other reason other than partisan obligation, would they have for doing this? The members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus need to make a simple decision, whether they are partisan leaders or community leaders? And after this decision, we are convinced they already chose party over community."

"Miguel Estrada is an American success story. How can anyone say with a straight face that he does not understand or represent the values of our community?" Deposada said. "Mr. Estrada brings to our judicial system, a unique perspective and human experience understood only by those who have migrated to a foreign land as a teenager not knowing the language. It is for this cultural depth and his excellent legal qualifications that we have enthusiastically supported his nomination."

The Latino Coalition is a non-profit, non-partisan organization based in Washington, D.C. TLC was established to address policy issues that directly affect the well-being of Hispanics in the United States. For more information on the organization or on this issue, visit their web site at

Source: Copyright 2002, U.S. Newswire

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