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Lopez Foods to Celebrate 10th Anniversary

August 6, 2002
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Oklahoma City, OK -- The nation's largest Hispanic-owned meat manufacturing company is celebrating ten years of growth and success with customers, families, friends and associates. The Lopez Foods, Inc. plant in Oklahoma City, will be the site of a gathering of national VIPs from various spheres of influence who the company recognizes as stakeholders in its continued progress.

The day-long celebration will attract senior management from the McDonald's Corporation and Wal-Mart Stores-two of Lopez Foods' major customers, McDonald's restaurant owners and operators from across the country, Lopez Foods suppliers, representatives from the most respected U.S. Hispanic business advocacy organizations, Lopez Foods' 370 local employees and other guests.

"It would not be a celebration if the people and organizations who contributed to the growth and success of our business over the past ten years did not attend," said John C. Lopez, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

The company has experienced a tremendous rate of growth, especially in recent years. In 2001, Lopez Foods realized a 97 percent growth increase over its previous year's sales through acquisition and internally generated growth, ranking it 13th among Hispanic Business Magazine's "Hispanic Business 500."

Lopez Foods' 185,000 square foot meat processing facility sits on a 32 acre site in western Oklahoma City. Although the company manufactures products millions of Americans consume on a daily basis, most do not recognize the name. This is due to its trustworthy reputation among its more recognizable clients.

It produces all-beef hamburger patties, pork sausage patties, and Canadian-style bacon for the McDonald's restaurant chain across the country and into Latin America and supplies a variety of meat products to Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Lopez Foods' CARNECO Foods subsidiary produces all-beef hamburger products for Wal-Mart and Sam's Clubs as well as grocery stores and restaurant chains nationwide.

The company was originally a subsidiary of Wilson Foods, who built a plant in 1971 to manufacture beef patties for McDonald's. It spun off into Normac Foods in 1989. The Lopez family purchased the company in 1992, and in 1995 changed its name to Lopez Foods, Inc.

With Lopez at the helm, the company has averaged $184 million in annual sales for the last five years.

Serving with Chairman and CEO John C. Lopez on the Lopez Foods executive team are Charlie Barajas, President and COO, James D. English, Senior Vice President and CFO, Vice President of Operations, J. Richard Garofolo and John W. Schaller, and Assistant Vice President Richard E. Lane.

Lopez Foods employs over 700 people in its corporate headquarters and three plants-in Oklahoma City, Columbus, Nebraska, and Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Source: Hispanic PR Wire

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