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Revenue Upswing

December 2002, HISPANIC BUSINESS Magazine

Michael Caplinger

Spanish-language radio stations have spent 2002 the way most other media outlets have recovering from the weak economy and the events of September 2001. But there are indications that the market is poised to regain its luster.

Each year, Hispanic Business compiles a list of the top radio station clusters in key markets (see chart below). A separate list this year identifies the top 10 individual Spanish-language radio stations by revenue (see chart at bottom). Both lists show that Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) and Hispanic Broadcasting Corp. (HBC) continue to dominate the major markets.

Spanish Radio's Top 10 Station Groupings
Location, Owner % Hispanic Ownership Gross Billings ($M) 2002          2001
1. Los Angeles, HBC 0% $86.52 $84.00
Stations/Format: KTNQ-AM/Oldies, sports, talk; KSCA-FM/Regional Mexican; KLVE-FM/Adult contemporary; KRCD-FM/Spanish oldies; KRCV-FM/Spanish oldies.
2. New York, SBS 75% $56.30 $52.00
Stations/Format: WSKQ-FM/Tropical; WPAT-FM/Romantic favorites.
3. Miami, HBC 0% $40.85 $39.28
Stations/Format: WRTO-FM/Salsa hits; WAMR-FM/Adult contemporary; WAQI-AM/News, talk; WQBA-AM/News, talk.
4. Houston, HBC 0% $37.74 $37.00
Stations/Format: KLAT-AM-FM/Regional Mexican; KLTN-FM/Regional Mexican; KOVE-FM/Adult contemporary; KPTY-FM/Hip-hop; KLTO-FM/Hip-hop; KQBU-FM/Regional Mexican; KRTX-AM/News, talk.
5. Miami, SBS 75% $32.94 $30.50
Stations/Format: WRMA-FM/Romantica; WXDJ-FM/Tropical; WCMQ-FM/All-time classics.
6. Dallas, HBC 0% $21.60 $20.00
Stations/Format: KESS-AM/News, talk; KDXX-FM/Adult contemporary; KDXT-FM/Adult contemporary; KDOS-FM/Adult contemporary; KHCK-AM/FM/Tejano; KLNO-FM/Regional Mexican.
7. Los Angeles, SBS 75% $21.08 $20.47
Stations/Format: KLAX-FM/Regional Mexican; KXOL-FM/Adult contemporary.
8. Chicago, HBC 0% $19.60 $18.30
Stations/Format: WOJO-FM/Regional Mexican; WIND-AM/News, talk, sports; WLXX-AM/Tropical.
9. Los Angeles, Liberman 100% $18.52 $17.98
Stations/Format: KBUE-FM/Regional Mexican; KHJ-AM/Ranchero; KWIZ-FM/Spanish hits; KBUA-FM/Regional Mexican.
10. Chicago, SBS 75% $17.90 $16.00
Station/Format: WLEY-FM/Regional Mexican.
TOTAL   $353.05 $335.53
Note: HBC = Hispanic Broadcasting Corp.; SBS = Spanish Broadcasting System. 2002 Hispanic Business Inc. Reprinting, copying, or transmitting all or part of this information requires written permission.

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