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Dec 12 2000 12:00AM

IRVINE, California, December 11 - Self Help Zone Inc. announced this week the opening of The site offers 24 hour access to streaming audio and video programs in the area of self help. A parent looking for ideas on helping their children do better in school, or a sales manager looking for that missing link to inspire his sales force can log onto the site and instantly begin listening to audio programs by the nation's top educators and motivators. The site has more than 1000 hours of programs available from best selling authors and speakers. New programs are being added daily.'s marketplace, worldwide self help books and tapes, is large and growing. According to industry experts, U.S. self help book sales alone are expected to reach approximately $25 billion in 2000.

"Characteristics of this marketplace have created inefficiencies which our site's innovative delivery system can help to overcome," said Scott Wells, CTO of SHZI, who continued: "Physical store-based retailers must make significant investments in inventory, real estate and personnel for each retail location. This greatly limits the amount of inventory that can be economically carried in a bricks and mortar location.

"Due to this fact, most physical stores stock less than 10% of the self help books believed to be in print. This limits customer selection dramatically. can offer unlimited selection without the cost associated with a physical store. To the customer this means we will be able to offer a greater selection of self help products in very specific areas."

As part of's goal to become the ultimate self help super store the company has also entered into a partnership with Diaplan Designs Inc. for online distribution of courseware in the B2C and B2B markets; SHZI will be offering Diaplan's Web-based supervisory and management curriculum of 350 modules, called the Management Learning System (MLS).

Diaplan's courseware will be available in both English and Spanish and will reside both on and the soon to be opened (Self Help Zone's Spanish version Web site is headed up by Carlos Conejo. Conejo is an expert on the rapidly growing multicultural marketplace. He is the speaker for Zig Ziglar's re-recorded "To The Top" in Spanish.)

"Diaplan Designs Inc. has programs we need to enter the B2B market with both feet firmly planted," said Tony Akers, co-founder of SHZI, who continued: "This partnership is a win for all sides. We expect rapid growth and continual revenue from the partnership. With Diaplan Designs Inc.'s courseware, SHZI can target English and Spanish speaking prospects on a global level. This also falls right in place with our recent development of our Spanish Web site.

"With U.S. and Latin American Hispanic markets in the Western Hemisphere representing a potential of almost 600 million people, there is a great deal of opportunity there. Until now, there has been little available in Spanish, especially in the soft skills area. Diaplan's line up of Spanish courses enables us to tap into an enormous base of individuals and companies south of the border."

"We are able to offer SHZI materials they can not get elsewhere," said Joe Cox, Diaplan CEO. "We should capitalize greatly from SHZI's incredible distribution. A partnership such as this gives us instant distribution. Clients looking for Web-based training are looking for that one-stop solution. SHZI is positioning itself strongly in that role."

Diaplan Designs is a privately held Florida corporation in business for more than 17 years. Diaplan's clients include many Fortune 100 companies as well as mid-sized and small companies including, Hughes Supply, Nabisco Mexico, and Pepsi Cola.

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